National Contact Point EaSIBel

The aim of this web page is to help you in your search for funding through the EaSI programme. You will find useful documents, various examples of Belgian projects financed by this programme and an FAQ. Our staff is also available to answer your questions by e-mail and telephone.

EaSI: Employment and Social Innovation Programme

Since 2014, the European Union has been promoting initiatives to improve the lives of citizens in the social and employment sector through EaSI, the Employment and Social Innovation Programme. These initiatives are led by private or public organisations from participating states and are financially supported by the European Union. The general objective of the instrument is to develop society in a sustainable way in the fields of employment and social protection while fighting against the exclusion of some of its members. The priorities are:

  • Employment and skills
  • The labour market and labour mobility
  • Social protection and active inclusion
  • Working conditions

EaSI also supports the development of analytical activities to enable evidence-based decision-making in these sectors.  Since 2021, the programme is part of the European Social Fund (ESF+). 762 million for the period 2021-2027.


As a National Contact Point (NCP), the FPS Employment and the FPS Social Security are there to answer your questions about EaSI and to help you with your funding applications.


Helpdesk +32 2 233 42 60 and 02 509 84 44 (monday and wednesday from 9 until 14)


Where can I find the different financing offers by EaSI?

All EaSI funding offers can be found on the Funding and tenders portal. This site contains all the funding opportunities offered by the Commission.

In order to find the EaSI specific offers, you have to select ESF+ in the filter for programmes. In a second step, you can select EaSI in the programme filter.

For the year 2023, the work programme, which will set the priorities for funding, is currently being prepared. When finalised, this document will be available in the dedicated section of this website.

What is the procedure for applying for this funding?

The different steps to apply for funding are done on the Funding and tenders website.

The different steps are indicated in the Online Manual document available in the dedicated section. An interactive manual shows all the steps you need to go through to apply for funding as well as all the steps that follow.

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of the role of the LEAR (legal entity appointed representative) and the validation of your organisation on the platform. These steps require some time and we therefore advise you to start as soon as possible.

In addition, an example of a Grant Agreement for an EaSI-funded project can be found in our documents section.

I am having difficulties with the Funding and tenders site, where can I get help?

The Funding and tenders website contains a manual and video clips that illustrate each step in the application process and the management of funding.

You can also contact the IT support team directly if you have a specific problem.

Where can I find examples of projects funded by EaSI?

In addition to the Belgian projects on this site, you will find a series of documents that bring together projects funded by EaSI. These projects are considered good practice by the European Commission.

Which Belgian projects are funded by EaSI?

You will find a series of Belgian projects funded by this programme in the Projects section.

If you would like your project to be included in this section, please send an email with a (short) summary of your project, a photo and all the details you would like to have published (project site, contact person, etc.).

How to find partners?

To find partners, you can use a search tool available on the website.

For each call for funding, an organisation can indicate its interest on the dedicated page. If you want to indicate your interest, simply log in to your account and add your organisation to the Partner research category.

What are good practices for managing funding?

If you have any problems with the management of your financing, an online manual will guide you through each step.


Pratical guide for project promoters (.pdf)

Scaling up (.pdf)

Template application form (.pdf)

2019 EaSI conference final report (.pdf)

Online manual (.pdf)

Model grant agreement (.pdf)


Towards a cost-effective housing policy for Flanders and Europe (.pdf)

Rights first (.pdf)

Investing in the future of social economy in Flanders (.pdf)