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On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. This invasion and the war that followed resulted in a large number of displaced people seeking refuge in Europe. This sudden and large influx of Ukrainian refugees poses major challenges for government agencies.

In March 2022, the European Commission launched a call for technical assistance (TSI) regarding the reception and integration of displaced persons following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Two Belgian public services responded to this call: FPS Social Security and FPS Social Integration, on the one hand, and the Service Public de Wallonie Intérieur Action sociale (SPW IAS), on the other. The project in which FPS SZ is actively involved is therefore part of a larger project in which FPS IAS is also involved with its own sub-project.

The project: description + objectives

The BE with U project is a cooperation between FPS Social Security, the Federal Public Service Social Integration, the Service Public de Wallonie Intérieur Action Sociale, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the European Commission's Directorate-General for Structural Reform and Support  (DG REFORM).

The project is divided into two streams: Stream 1, which focuses on the increased capacity of the FPS Social Security – PPS Social Integration to coordinate socio-economic support provision and protection to displaced persons from Ukraine at different institutional levels; and stream 2, which focuses on the SPW IAS’s comprehensive overview of the integration landscape in the Walloon Region, and improved coordination capacity at regional and local level.

Stream 1 of the BE with U project is a cooperation between FPS Social Security, the PPS Social Integration , the International Organisation for Migration and the European Commission's Directorate-General for Structural Reform and Support (DG REFORM).

The project’s stream 1 has several objectives. On the one hand, the project aims to increase the coordination capacity between stakeholders at different institutional levels in Belgium. On the other hand, it also aims to achieve better data collection on displaced persons from Ukraine and better sharing and monitoring of this data.

To set up the coordination mechanism and the monitoring network, we draw, among other things, on the experience of the COVID-19 Social Impact Working Group, a partnership with various federal government institutions that followed the COVID crisis.

The monitoring network set up in the framework of this project will allow us to obtain a clear picture of the situation of Ukrainian refugees in Belgium. The data we will be able to collect through this project and beyond, will allow policy makers to better address the needs of these refugees.

Additional information on the project and Stream 2: BE with U | IOM Belgium and Luxembourg, UN Migration | IOM Belgium and Luxembourg’ 


The fact sheets on the project are available below.

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Additional information: BE with U | IOM Belgium and Luxembourg.Additional 

Additional Information on the  Working Group Social impact COVID 19 crisis (GT SIC) (French)