Legal environment for fighting undeclared work and social fraud "the situation de lege ferenda"

In our report “Legal environment for fighting undeclared work and social fraud: the situation de lege lata”, we have indicated some issues that administrative, inspection, judicial and police services encounter when cooperating with their foreign counterparts. We have  noticed the need for a more “structured” cooperation between these services, and in the context of the General European report we will now look at the situation “de lege ferenda”. 

  • Which wishes and suggestions do inspection services have to improve their cooperation? 
  • Have some instruments already been elaborated that seek to find a solution for these issues and facilitate a smoother cooperation?
  • Which issues and problems should be taken into account? 

An answer to these elements should allow us to indicate the guidelines and draw the chalk lines for a possible EU-legal framework in the support of the fight against (cross-border) social fraud and undeclared work. The adoption of this instrument might indeed be one of the prerequisites for a successful administrative collaboration between inspection services.