Legal environment for fighting undeclared work and social fraud "the situation de lege lata"

Issues that need to be tackled when implementing cooperation in a European network against
undeclared work: the situation “de lege lata “.

The present part of this report summarizes the most important problems administrative, police, judicial and social inspection services encounter when it comes to cross-border cooperation with their foreign counterparts.

This chapter is based on interviews with representatives working on different levels of all the competent inspection bodies in Belgium1, as well as on the answers to a questionnaire given to representatives of inspection services in the following Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania and Spain.

On the basis of the information received, this report tries to draw some general conclusions and issues encountered on the ground in the fight against cross-border social fraud. The way some of these issues are tackled today will be further developed in the General European Report.